About SDXC/micro SDXC

Before Using Your SDXC Memory Card

SDXC standard-based memory cards and devices (digital cameras, video cameras, laptops, etc.) are now available. As an early adopter of the new SDXC standard, it is important that you understand how to use your new SDXC memory card to its greatest ability.

Confirm Compatibility

Before inserting your SDXC memory card into your device, confirm the device is compatible with the SDXC standard by locating an SDXC logo on the device or referring to the device's user manual or manufacturer information. Remember:

Understanding Backwards Compatibility

Understanding Backwards Compatibility

Only Use SDXC Memory Cards in SDXC Devices

SDXC devices are backwards compatible, so they accept SD and SDHC memory cards. SDXC memory cards must only be used with SDXC devices and should never be used in non-compatible devices. If you need to format an SDXC memory card, you can typically format it by using your SDXC device or by using the SD Formatter 3.0 with your computer.

If an SDXC memory card is inserted into a computer or device that does not support the SDXC standard, a message may prompt you to format the card. Do not format the SDXC memory card in a non-compatible device because it will erase the data on the SDXC memory card and format the card for a different file system, making it incompatible with SDXC devices.

Possible Device Messages

1. Non-compatible computer

If you accidentally insert your SDXC card into a computer that does not support SDXC (using a direct SD slot or USB reader/writer), the following messages may appear:

Non-compatible PC

2. Non-compatible Device

If you accidentally insert your SDXC memory card into an SDHC device that is not compliant, the following messages may appear:

Non-compatible Host Product

SDXC Memory Cards for Computers

An SDXC-compatible driver for the SD slot can be downloaded from the following Microsoft sites. However, please check with your computer manufacturer to determine if the following download is applicable to your computer before applying the download.

Windows 7

Windows Vista

SD Formatter