1. SDアソシエーションと SDAMA(SDアソシエーション・メンバーシップ契約) を締結し、会員になる
  2. SDアソシエーションと SDALA(SDアソシエーション使用許諾契約) を締結する
  3. SD-3C LLCにメール(対応言語:英語)で連絡の上、SD-3C LLCとCLA(カード使用許諾契約)を締結する*
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  4. 4C Entity, LLCにメール(対応言語:英語)またはWEBサイト経由で連絡の上、CPRMライセンス(記録可能メディア用コンテンツ保護)使用許諾契約を締結する  CPRM:Copy Protection for Recordable Media
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  1. SDアソシエーションと SDAMA(SDアソシエーション・メンバーシップ契約) を締結し、会員になる
  2. SDアソシエーションと SDALA(SDアソシエーション使用許諾契約) を締結する
  3. SD-3C LLCにメール(対応言語:英語)で連絡の上、SD-3C LLCとHALA(ホスト機器および周辺機器使用許諾契約)を締結する*
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  1. SDアソシエーションと NDA(機密保持契約)  を締結する
  2. SDアソシエーションに1,000米ドル支払う


*The Card License Agreement (CLA) and SD Host and Ancillary Product License Agreement (HALA) are provided for the convenience of the licensed party (licensee). None of the provisions of these License Agreements shall be construed as denying the possibility of the acquisition of necessary intellectual property through individual license agreements with the owners of basic patents and their related trademark rights, copyrights, and design patents.

Each company considering executing any license has the obligation to understand and interpret license agreements themselves and should seek the advice of their own legal counsel as necessary. Furthermore, any information provided by the SD Association is provided merely as reference and should not be regarded as authoritative. You are solely responsible for determining the need for, and applicability of, various SD technology licenses to your particular situation, determining the scope and validity of the rights being licensed, and the negotiation of any license agreements with such third parties.
The SD Association is not responsible for administering or negotiating the terms of licenses with third-parties (including without limitation the SD-3C LLC or the 4C Entity, LLC) or identifying license rights for particular product implementations. Please see the License Assurance and Disclosure statements filled by third-parties with the SD Association regarding approved third-party intellectual property applicable to SD Specifications. The implementer is solely responsible for identifying, evaluating, negotiating and acquiring licenses to third party intellectual property required for product implementations.