Low Voltage Signaling smartSD Memory Cards

SD Specification 6.0 introduces the Low Voltage Signaling (LVS) memory card that may support either 3.3V or 1.8V signaling with an auto detection mechanism of the host’s operating signaling level. It coincides with new SOC designs while keeping full backwards compatibility to legacy 3.3V signaling hosts. The new specification now lets LVS host devices start in UHS-I 1.8V mode directly after power up on the LVS card.

An LV symbol identifies LV Interface supported SD products for users. An LVS host will bear the LV symbol somewhere on the product, package or manual. LVS device users need to use a corresponding SD memory card with an LV symbol for their LV-marked device. On the other hand, an LVS card is usable by any host, including hosts that do not carry the LV symbol.