The TransferJet SD Standard

The TransferJet SD standard was developed as a new SD standard for high-speed P2P data communications between two devices mounted with the TransferJet high-speed close-proximity wireless technology.

This enables devices mounted with TransferJet SD memory cards to transfer large volumes of data to other devices within a short period of time with simple touch operations.

TransferJet SD memory cards are an integration of normal SD memory cards and TransferJet communication modules.

The TransferJet SD standard consists of two modes; a mode in which the data stored on TransferJet memory cards is transmitted to other devices with the use of the OBEX protocol, and a mode that enables TransferJet SD memory cards to be mounted onto other devices as SCSI mass storage class drives.

TransferJet and the TransferJet logos are trademarks licensed by the TransferJet Consortium.