SD technology has already been adopted by many companies, and is built into numerous electronic products, wireless communications and digital image processing / networking products. When using the technologies, License Agreements with SD-3C LLC and third parties may be required in addition to a Membership Agreement and License Agreement with the SD Association.

List of Agreements relating to SD technology

Abbreviation [Official name] Licensor(s) Description / Target
[SD Association Membership Agreement]
SD Association
[SD Association License Agreement]
SD Association
[SD Host/Ancillary Product License Agreement]
[Card License Agreement]
[CPRM/CPPM License Agreement*]
4C Entity, LLC

Only obtainable from 4C Entity, LLC

Overview of Licensing Process

*Please note: The SD-3C CLA is available for the convenience of licensees, it is not mandatory to enter a CLA if the essential patent rights and other IP rights are obtained from each patent and IP holder.

Scope of the License Agreement

Licensor SD Association SD-3C LLC
Specifications SD Association specifications SD Group specifications
SD Association pictograph SD Logos and Trademarks
Required patents
Cards SDAMA (SD Association Membership Agreement)  SDALA (SD Association License Agreement) Card License Agreement (CLA)
Host devices SD Host and Ancillary Product License Agreement (HALA)