smartSD Memory Cards

smartSD memory cards leverage the SD specification’s innovative architecture and allow for communication with an embedded secure element (SE) capable of supporting the GlobalPlatform™ standard and run Javacard™ Applets.
Contactless communication is made possible by using the additional SWP pin that permits a smartSD memory card to take advantage of an NFC-enabled host.

smartSD Memory Cards

smartSD also features high-speed data transmissions that support faster transfer and processing speed than other smart cards.

Read more about Activating New Mobile Services and Business Models Through smartSD Memory Cards , our free white paper updated in November, 2014 with new Host Card Emulation services that outlines the compelling benefits of smartSD memory cards.With smartSD there are new opportunities in mobile commerce, advertising, location-based services, access control, rewards programs and transportation.

smartSD Memory Cards Usage Tip Video & Introduction Document

Activating New Mobile Services and Business Models with smartSD Memory Cards (pdf, 1.54MB)
The smartSD memory card supports a consumer-centric business model envisioned by GlobalPlatform™ that sets in motion a virtuous ecosystem and ultimately creates value for all parties.

Interested in learning more about smartSD Memory Cards?
Our introductory presentation (pdf, 1.94MB) explains the benefits of this approach.